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Амазон продолжает репрессии

Полгода успешно продавалась моя книга «Крейсер «Суворов»» на Амазоне. Но вот все-таки пришла черная метка:


We're writing to let you know that we've found a problem in your book and have removed it from sale.

During a quality review of your title, we found that the language in the book’s content is currently not supported by Kindle. If you would like to translate the content into a supported language, please set up a new title in your account as this title will remain in a blocked status in KDP and can no longer be moved forward. Please be aware that translation programs are generally not accurate enough to produce content that meets Kindle quality standards.

Книга снята с продажи :(

Избранное блога «Записки электрического автора»:

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