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Smashwords ищет пути увеличения продаж книг

И проводит соответствующее исследование.


In case you missed it, in May I published my second annual metrics survey.
We sought to answer the following questions:
*  Do frequent price changes help authors sell more books?
*  Do longer or shorter book titles sell more books?
*  Do longer or shorter book descriptions sell more books?
*  How do sales develop over time at a retailer, and what factors might spark a breakout?
*  Do longer or shorter books sell better?
*  What's the average word count for the 60 bestselling Smashwords romance books?
*  What does the sales distribution curve look like, and how many books sell well?
*  How many words are the bestselling authors selling for a penny?
*  What are the most common price points for indie ebooks, and what changed since last year?
*  How many more downloads do FREE ebooks get compared to priced ebooks?
*  How have Smashwords sales grown at the Apple iBookstore in three years?
*  How does price impact unit sales volume?
*  What price points yield the greatest overall earnings for authors and publishers?
If you missed the survey, you can download it now at the Smashwords blog:

Избранное блога «Записки электрического автора»:

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