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Smashwords заимел Scribd

Смашворд продолжает наращивать мощь в распространении электронного контента.


«I'm excited to announce a new global distribution agreement today with Scribd, an online reading community that boasts 10 million readers visiting their site each month.
There are two parts to the agreement:
1.  Smashwords will distribute books to their subscription ebook service, where readers pay $8.99 to read an unlimited number of books (read below for the great terms Smashwords authors receive!).
2.  Smashwords to sell books on their site.
Deal terms:
The terms of the agreement are great for our authors.  60% list price for all sales for their bookstore, and 60% list for all qualifying full reads in their subscription service.
For the subscription service, you get paid 60% list after the reader has reached a certain threshold, measured by percentage read.  The trigger points for "full read" credit are when a reader reads more than 20% of the book, not counting the first 10% of the book starting at page one which is considered the free sample.
They also pay for partial reads in the subscription service, which is a cool bonus and unlike any other retailer.  If a reader reads 5% beyond the 10% sample, but less than 20% beyond, you receive a "browse" credit.  10 browse credits equal one full sale.
Also very cool:  As if you didn't already have reason to distribute every book to them, Scribd is offering all participating Smashwords authors who distribute through Smashwords a one-year free subscription to their subscription service valued at over $100.  Make sure your books are opted in by January 1 to be eligible, because this is a limited time offer.
They've also shared some exciting merchandising plans that will benefit many Smashwords authors, as well as plans to share enhanced analytics with authors.
In my several months of conversations with them, I'm impressed by their enthusiasm and commitment to support Smashwords authors.
Test shipments have begun, though books will likely not begin appearing in their store or subscription service until sometime in January.
The Scribd channel was activated in the Channel Manager this morning.  If you see a notation that your book has shipped, it's only a test shipment.  For authors who want to opt out (I don't recommend opting out - this is a great new channel for our authors!), you can opt out any time from your Channel Manager. 

Избранное блога «Записки электрического автора»:

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