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Smashwords рекомендует улучшить навигацию


Among the many great benefits of ebooks compared to print books is that ebooks can contain clickable intra-book navigation links and enhanced back matter.
The intra-book navigation help make your book's content more accessible to readers, and can help you direct the reader's attention to important sections.  Your back matter, which you can evolve and update over time, helps you sell more books, engage deeper with the reader, and build your author platform.
Even if you write fiction, your book can and should take advantage of a linked Table of Contents that points to your enhanced back matter.
Every book should have enhanced backmatter organized under separate section headings.  At a minimum, recommended backmatter sections include "About the Author," "Other books by this Author," and "Connect with the author."  If you want to go the extra mile, you can also add sections with sample chapters of other books or even develop and add a reading group guide.
Here's what a novel's linked Table of Contents might look like:
 Part I
 Part II
 About Jane Smith
 Other books by Jane Smith
 Connect with Jane Smith
 Reading Group Guide for {Book Title}
It's easy to link to enhanced back matter in your book.  The recently updated Smashwords Style Guide's Step 22 shares ideas.

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