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Очень интересная новость от Амазона. Они запустили новую опцию, позволяющую публиковать книги с таблицами, графиками и т.д. Так что можно теперь публиковать нон-фикшн. Правда, когда будет возможность публикации книги на русском языке.

Оригинал новости:

You can now use the beta of Amazon's new Kindle Textbook Creator to easily convert PDFs of your textbooks, course notes, study guides, reference material, and other educational content that includes complex visual information like charts, graphs, and equations into Kindle books. Books created through Kindle Textbook Creator take advantage of features that make it easier for students to engage with textbooks such as dictionary look-up, note-taking, and multi-color highlighting and can be accessed by students on laptops, tablets, and smartphones. If your book is primarily text-based, publishing through the standard KDP process offers the best customer reading experience.

Избранное блога «Записки электрического автора»:

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